Utility companies tried to take it away!

It’s Labor Day weekend so it’s time to wrap up work and get ready to kick back and relax. It’s been a great week here, we’ve been publishing ton of content and I’ve got one piece I wanted to bring to your attention. So here we go… -Anthony

As Floridians, we’re lucky. Not only do we get tons of sun, but the power company pays us for the extra energy we produce. At full rate! It’s called Net Energy Metering (NEM).

Net metering is such a big deal as Floridians that the power companies were fighting tooth-and-nail to remove it. We were about to lose NEM until governor Ron DeSantis vetoed a law seeking to strip away net metering in 2024. Thanks Ronny!

How do I get net metering?

Well great, but how does it work? Getting net metered is complicated, but the steps are as follows:

  • Install a correctly sized system so that the power you use is offset by the Sun.
  • Join the net metering program at FPL, OUC, or Duke or whoever you are getting power from currently.
  • Install a new power meter that measures how much you send back to the grid.

Lake Mary Solar takes care of all this for you

At this point you’re all set up. The extra power you produce will be listed on your bill as a credit. This credit will be weighted against the power you use at night or on one of our rainy days.

Lastly, did you get this far? Okay here’s the nugget: You don’t need to buy a battery if you’ve got net metering. The major benefit of the battery is not outage protection… it’s valve comes from pulling power from itself instead of the grid at night. But you signed up for net metering, so you’ve got credits to burn, and you better burn them. Because the power company is not going to write you a check.

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Thanks and enjoy your long weekend!


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