Solar Panel Installation in Sumter County, Florida

At Lake Mary Solar, we are dedicated to helping Sumter County residents transition to renewable solar power. We have the best and most experienced contractors who will not only design your residential solar panel system but install them with a level of customization made perfectly for your Sumter County home. We’ll also help you select the right financing options while maximizing your total savings with solar incentives.

The Sunshine State has always been an excellent place for solar energy but attaining permits and scheduling inspections can be difficult. To make things easy for you, our contractors will handle the entire process. We will cover everything from A to Z while you sit back and enjoy the savings on your electric bill.

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Sumter County, Florida?

Florida already gets plenty of sunlight, and Sumter County enjoys a large helping of it. It’s affordable to switch to solar energy, and the cost of your panels is significantly lower than the American average. According to our friends at Energy Sage, the average cost of solar panels and a solar energy system in Sumter County is 2.62/W, 12 percent below the national average.

Solar Incentives in Sumter County:

Sales Tax Exemption

Florida residents can utilize the Solar and CHP Sales Tax Exemption to reduce the overall cost of your solar energy system. You save on sales tax from your purchase of the panels/system – which is a whopping six percent of your final cost.

Property Tax Exemption

For those who are wondering—yes, having a solar energy system and solar panel increases your home’s value. According to Zillowa home with solar panels and a solar energy system can be sold at 4.1% higher than comparably-sized homes that don’t have solar panels installed. It pays to go solar in more ways than one!

Even better—Florida offers a 100% property tax exemption for residential solar energy. That means any increase in your property value will be tax-exempt.

Net Metering

As a resident of Sumter County, you can also lower or virtually eliminate your energy bills by utilizing net metering. Net metering allows you to sell any excess power that your solar energy system produces back to your utility provider.

Florida is a full-retail net metering state, which means that you’ll be credited for all the energy you produce at the current retail rate per watt.

Federal Tax Credit

The Solar Investment Tax Credit is available to all United States residents. In 2022, you can claim 30 percent of your solar energy system’s cost as a tax credit for your income tax. However, by 2033, that percentage will drop down to 26 percent and will expire in 2035 unless Congress renews it.

Zero-down Financing

One of the perks of going solar is that there are numerous loans with zero-down financing and no payments for 60 days. Home improvement and home equity loans are among the most popular financing options. In most cases, your monthly payment will be less than your utility bill.

Solar Panel Installation Overview

Here’s what to expect when installing a rooftop solar panel system on your home in Sumter County, Florida:

Step 1: Get an Instant Quote

We customize our quotes based on the size of your Sumter County home and the amount of power you need. We will recommend a solar energy system to maximize your savings and fit your budget.

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Step 2: Schedule a Home Visit

Once you get your estimate from us, we can then schedule a quick home visit. Our seasoned Sumter County contractors will finalize your quote and help you select the right financing options. All you need to do is pick your install date.

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Step 3: Solar System Design

After the home visit, we will design a solar energy system based on your feedback and your energy needs. Our team will design a system that will be tailor-made for your Sumter County home by maximizing the amount of energy generated while keeping your roof looking sleek.

Step 4: HOA Approval

According to Florida’s Statute 163.04, an HOA cannot prohibit a property owner from installing a photovoltaic (PV) system; however, if your neighborhood does have a homeowners association, we will contact the organization to get approval for your rooftop solar energy system.

Step 5: Solar Permits

Sumter County also requires that homeowners acquire a permit and submit signed and sealed plans from a licensed contractor before preparing the home for a solar energy system installation. We will contact the Sumter County Building Office and your local building department to submit the plans and obtain the permits for your residential solar system.

County and City Building Departments:

Sumter County Building Services Division

Address: 7375 Powell Road, Wildwood, FL 34785
Phone: 352-689-4400

Residents of Sumter County will need to obtain a building permit from the county before installing rooftop solar panels. You can access the permit application here. For more information about permitting, click here.

Bushnell Building, Permitting, and Zoning Department

Address: 117 E. Joe P. Strickland, Jr. Avenue, PO Box 115, Bushnell, FL 33513
Phone: 352-793-2591

Bushnell residents must obtain a permit from the city prior to the installation of solar panel systems. For more information about permitting, click here.

Step 6: Installation

It all begins with our team arriving at your residence to begin the installation. It generally takes anywhere from a month to 45 days to complete an installation.

You can rest easy knowing that our fully licensed and insured solar energy system installers will complete the entire project with zero subcontractors.

Step 7: Inspection and Approval

With the installation of your energy system finished, we will then contact your city and county building departments for a final inspection. This inspection aims to ensure that your new solar energy system meets the requirements of the Florida Building Code and National Electrical Code. Once your system has been approved, we then send the inspection documents to your local utility company.

We will then work alongside your local utility company to receive a PTO or Permission to Operate. From there, we will interconnect your solar energy system with the electrical grid.

Utility Companies in Sumter County:

Duke Energy

Address: 3250 Bonnet Creek Road, Orlando, FL 32830
Phone: 407-629-1010

In order to connect to Duke Energy’s power grid and participate in net metering, you’ll need to submit an interconnection agreement. The application can be completed and submitted on the Interconnection Portal. You can learn more about Duke Energy’s solar services here.

SECO Energy

Address: 293 South U.S. HWY 301, Sumterville, Florida 33585
Phone: 352-793-3801

To participate in SECO’s net metering program, you must submit the SECO Energy Interconnection Agreement. Multiple documents are required to complete this process. To learn more about SECO Energy’s net metering program, click here.

Step 8: Power On Your Solar Panel System

Now that all the paperwork has been filed away and your system has been installed and inspected, your utility company will then install a new power meter so that you can get started with net metering.

We will then send out a technician to turn your system on and install an application on your phone, tablet, or computer so you can monitor your new system.

Go Solar Today

Now that you understand the entire rooftop solar installation process, get started today with a customized quote for your Sumter County home! We will take care of the entire process, and our seasoned solar installers will ensure the best price and service for your solar panel system.

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