Shading report for solar panel installation

Shade reporting software: why it’s the perfect solar design tool

We’ve got eyes in the sky> Lake Mary Solar uses EagleView to provide stunningly accurate shade reports for your roof. Below you’ll see a picture of my house and the amount of shade I get.

Shading report for solar panel installation
I'm over here in Markham Woods where the trees are tall so I get a significant amount of shade.

Our competitors access a free database of satellite imagery to estimate your solar installation. Satellites look directly down and can often times be out of date.

EagleView is different. They fly planes at 7,000 feet over Central Florida capturing images from multiple angles. Being closer to your roof and at an angle makes these the most detailed profiles ever. Yeah it’s more expensive, but our estimates are significantly more accurate than our competition, and it keeps your power bill at $0 for as long as possible. 

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